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Further tests of the new Ethereum

Ethereum has successfully launched another test network for the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0, called Zinken.

The launch took place on Monday at 12.00 UTC and, unlike previous trials, was a smooth start with sufficient participation and no major errors.

Testnet was organized after a difficult start of Spadina, the first attempt to test the launchpad for the stewards.

Spadina testnet suffered from low attendance, which meant that many users who subscribed to the testpad failed to bring their clients to the network. Although this was initially thought to be due to a lack of economic incentives, further analysis showed that errors in customers were a significant part of the problems.

Maintaining a high participation rate is crucial for network integrity, as more than 66% of shares need to confirm blocks in order for a blockchain to be considered finalized, which means that blocks can no longer be reversed.

Zinken became the first test network to cross the finalisation threshold within minutes of its creation, which proved to be the most successful test network launch so far. While it was still below the 90% ideal, the share was over 75% since its creation.