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Top 10 Coins

# Name Price Market Cap 24h Vol 1h 24h
1 Bitcoin icon Bitcoin -0.24 % -8.76 %
2 Ethereum icon Ethereum -0.67 % -7.99 %
3 XRP icon XRP -1.12 % -7.9 %
4 Tether icon Tether 0.12 % -0.07 %
5 Bitcoin Cash icon Bitcoin Cash -0.86 % -9.45 %
6 Litecoin icon Litecoin -0.25 % -9.69 %
7 Binance Coin icon Binance Coin -0.63 % -10.3 %
8 EOS icon EOS -1.3 % -7.5 %
9 Bitcoin SV icon Bitcoin SV -0.79 % -13.04 %
10 Stellar icon Stellar -0.09 % -6.83 %

Blog Posts

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German worries about the Crypto ico German worries about the Crypto

The German Federal Ministry of Finance has expressed concern about the increasing use of privacy tokens because of their connection to criminal activities and the difficulty in tracking them. The ministry's "First Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing National Risk Assessment" for 2018-2019, pub... Read more

Published at: 2019-10-23

Banks skeptical of Libra ico Banks skeptical of Libra

Banks may be required to stop cooperating with the social media giant on Facebook if the company starts in Libra stablecoin, according to ING CEO Ralph Hamers. The Financial News outlet Financial Times reported on Hamers' comments on 22nd October. In the report he explained that institutions such a... Read more

Published at: 2019-10-23

UK and Crypto ico UK and Crypto

The UK government has stressed that it is up to regulators, not regulators, to decide whether to continue with the proposed ban on certain cryptographic derivatives for retail investors. Finance Feeds reports that on 21 October the Secretary for Economic Affairs at the Treasury, John Glen, answered... Read more

Published at: 2019-10-23

Initial Coin Offerings

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SaltMine ico

Providing The Infrastructures For Blockchain Technology and wider cryptocurrency adoption
SaltMine 2019-04-07

Lynked.World ico

Lynking the World through the power and efficacy of Blockchain Technology
Lynked.World 2019-01-20

Raido Financial ico

The Global Fintech Ecosystem being made more efficient through the power of Blockchain Technology
Raido Financial 2019-01-15

HUSSY io ico

HUSSY is Disrupting the Oldest Profession a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure
HUSSY io 2019-01-01

REuse cash ico

REuse Cash is aimed to create a Recycling System that pays the User
REuse cash 2019-01-01

VANM ico

VANM is a local search engine for products and services distributing advertising revenue among users
VANM 2019-01-01

Weave ico

The universal cryptocurrency for Virtual and Augmented Reality powered by Blockchain Technology
Weave 2019-01-01

Football Bitcademy ico

Football marketplace with AI and Players predictions Bitcademy is multidimensional
Football Bitcademy 2019-01-01

Blue Chip Vision ico

Blue Chip Vision BCV is an Alternative Digital Future Based on the Blockchain
Blue Chip Vision 2018-12-27

Vite ico

Peer to peer ridesharing built for the blockchain generation and powered by Vitecoin Token VT
Vite 2018-12-15

Top Trading Pairs

Pair 24h Vol 24h Vol
BTC-USDT 245,537.38 1,962,352,016.68
BTC-USD 41,359.54 327,502,590.56
BTC-JPY 26,763.99 23,129,262,643.32
BTC-QC 10,935.42 623,264,466.91
BTC-PAX 10,874.92 87,952,193.72

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