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Top 10 Coins

# Name Price Market Cap 24h Vol 1h 24h
1 Bitcoin icon Bitcoin 0.15 % -0.05 %
2 Ethereum icon Ethereum 0.13 % 0.89 %
3 XRP icon XRP 0.13 % -0.51 %
4 Bitcoin Cash icon Bitcoin Cash 0.07 % -0.08 %
5 Tether icon Tether -0.01 % 0.25 %
6 Litecoin icon Litecoin 0 % 0.65 %
7 EOS icon EOS 0.04 % 0.74 %
8 Binance Coin icon Binance Coin -0.51 % -1.27 %
9 Bitcoin SV icon Bitcoin SV 0.04 % -0.39 %
10 Stellar icon Stellar -0.77 % -1.99 %

Blog Posts

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Petro as a payment of social benefits ico Petro as a payment of social benefits

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced that the Christmas bonus for pensioners will be paid to them in the national crypto-currency Petro. The profile of the local Venepress information point on Twitter announced Maduro's comments on 17th November. This particular case is not the first one... Read more

Published at: 2019-11-18

The world's debt is still growing ico The world's debt is still growing

Total world debt will reach 255 trillion dollars by the end of 2019 - equivalent to $32,500 for every person on the planet or $12.1 million for Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin data came as a shock to the latest data from the Institute of International Finance, which updated its Global Debt Monitor this mont... Read more

Published at: 2019-11-18

6000 of Bitcoin ATM's ico 6000 of Bitcoin ATM's

The number of BTC (Bitcoin) ATMs installed worldwide has exceeded a new milestone, exceeding 6,000. The CoinATMRadar online resource shows that there are currently 6,004 machines installed worldwide, more than 65% of which are located in the United States.  In addition, 108 machines were inst... Read more

Published at: 2019-11-18

Initial Coin Offerings

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SaltMine ico

Providing The Infrastructures For Blockchain Technology and wider cryptocurrency adoption
SaltMine 2019-04-07

Lynked.World ico

Lynking the World through the power and efficacy of Blockchain Technology
Lynked.World 2019-01-20

Raido Financial ico

The Global Fintech Ecosystem being made more efficient through the power of Blockchain Technology
Raido Financial 2019-01-15

HUSSY io ico

HUSSY is Disrupting the Oldest Profession a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure
HUSSY io 2019-01-01

REuse cash ico

REuse Cash is aimed to create a Recycling System that pays the User
REuse cash 2019-01-01

VANM ico

VANM is a local search engine for products and services distributing advertising revenue among users
VANM 2019-01-01

Weave ico

The universal cryptocurrency for Virtual and Augmented Reality powered by Blockchain Technology
Weave 2019-01-01

Football Bitcademy ico

Football marketplace with AI and Players predictions Bitcademy is multidimensional
Football Bitcademy 2019-01-01

Blue Chip Vision ico

Blue Chip Vision BCV is an Alternative Digital Future Based on the Blockchain
Blue Chip Vision 2018-12-27

Vite ico

Peer to peer ridesharing built for the blockchain generation and powered by Vitecoin Token VT
Vite 2018-12-15

Top Trading Pairs

Pair 24h Vol 24h Vol
BTC-USDT 232,008.55 1,974,161,649.67
BTC-USD 14,183.02 121,257,136.13
BTC-JPY 13,825.39 12,815,110,526.34
BTC-QC 9,882.36 590,752,328.86
BTC-BCH 7,861.59 96,821.02

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