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2021-09-06 10:36:25

Zamzam: How Modern Blockchain Technologies Can Change the Stock Market

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has for the first time surpassed the $2 trillion mark. This reflects the rapid development of the sector and the inflow of new capital into digital assets. Nevertheless, the crypto industry market cap remains several times smaller than the capitalization of the gold market ($10.6 trillion) or the market for public shares ($100 trillion). Even more, capital is locked in productive assets in the accounts of companies and corporations, in the form of securities, bills of exchange, futures and options, which have been inactive for years, bringing modest dividends to their owners. If even a small portion of this capital moves to the decentralized finance sector, the cryptocurrency market capitalization will increase by billions of dollars. Zam.io’s solutions are designed to unite centralized and decentralized finance by duplicating equity capital on the blockchain. How it works is discussed below. Stock-backed stablecoins? Already a reality! The stock market had long been closed to small and medium-sized investors. The rules and procedures were established by large corporations, pouring billions of dollars into company securities. However, the emergence of blockchain technologies and the development of the DeFi sector have created a new class of investors who can freely invest their capital in blockchain projects. In general, the rapid growth in the value of crypto assets has se...