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Ukraine: Crypro Miners In Nuclear Power Plant

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has arrested plant operators for extracting cryptographic currency at the Yuzhoukrainian nuclear power plant. 

Crypto miners violated the safety of a nuclear facility by connecting their mining equipment online - and reportedly ended up leaking classified information on the plant's physical security system.

SBU detectives received a search warrant and on 10 July carried out an investigation. They found unauthorized computer equipment and seized the media converter, fiber optic cable and partial network cable.

Nuclear engineers tried to extract Bitcoin using a supercomputer.

In February 2018, several engineers of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center were arrested for attempting to extract Bitcoin (BTC) using one of the country's largest supercomputers.

The computer was reportedly capable of performing 1000 trillion calculations per second and is deliberately disconnected from the Internet for security reasons.

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