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UAE: Blockchain to fight with COVID-19

The launch incubator in the United Arab Emirates, w5, helps to design blockchain-based methods to control the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and thus flatten the curve.

According to a report published on May 20, Liber Health, supported by in5, is one of the platforms used to identify patients supported by blockchain technology. They create a non-contact system for biometric data recognition and analysis of COVID-19 suspicious symptoms.

Liber Health hopes that by tracking patients who have had contact with suspected COVID-19 cases, it will help them to apply quarantine measures as soon as possible.

Liber Health plans to expand talks with major public and private sector actors, mainly in the United Arab Emirates, to implement this technology and reduce the number of COVID-19 infections.

Syed Abrar Ahmed, CEO of Liber Health, believes that the platform can save "thousands of lives lost through medical errors" due to lack of controllable data; a statement supported by Dr. Sana Farid, founder and CEO of consulting firm Munfarid.

In5 also aims to use 3D printing and robotics to design personal protective equipment for frontline medical workers in the country. The robotics they propose are designed to keep children involved at home while creating a contactless biometric identification system.