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Online game based on blockchain

In an online event prepared by the Litecoin Foundation on 15 September, the creator of Litecoin (LTC) Charlie Lee and CipSoft CEO Stephan Vogler announced the premiere of LiteBringer, a role-playing fantasy game that runs on top of the Litecoin blockchain.


Vogler stated that the game is fully decentralized, which means that all users must have a Litecoin node to play it. He also noted that access to the game is entirely dependent on the players having at least some Litecoin at hand. The game is said to contain a "Litecoin battery" that can allow some users to get some Litecoin for free if they don't want or are not able to move their own.


According to Vogler, all weapons, characters and items in LiteBringer are stored in the LTC blockchain. He assured the audience that this technology is "absolutely safe and decentralized" because private keys are never transferred. CipSoft is said to have chosen blockchain LTC because of its popularity and the fact that it involves low transaction fees of "less than 1% of transactions".