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Increase in the number of phishing attacks

Recent data shows that Ethereum Layer 2 Base saw an 18-fold increase in cryptocurrency funds stolen through phishing scams in March compared to January data.

According to the blockchain fraud prevention platform Scam Sniffer, some $3.35 million was stolen by phishing scammers on Base in March alone.

This represents a 334% month-on-month increase from February's $773,900 and a massive 1880% increase from January, when Base lost only $169,000 to phishing scams, according to monthly data from Dune Analytics compiled by Scam Sniffer.

BNB's Binance network saw a similar increase in phishing scams in March, Scam Sniffer noted in an April 2 X post.

Phishing scammers across all networks lost some $71.5 million from 77,529 victims, beating the January and February statistics of $58.3 million and $46.8 million, respectively.

Scam Sniffer noted , phishing links from fake X accounts remain a "staple tactic," which detected more than 1,500 incidents in March.