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Arrest for money laundering

Authorities recently arrested an Ohio resident for allegations of illegal money laundering in Dark Web. 

The alleged illegal business operator Helix, Larry Harmon, is facing allegations of money laundering and money-transfer activities without a proper license, the Department of Justice or DoJ.

A 36-year-old resident of Ohio is said to have begun operations in 2014 and has made efforts to move to Kryptonian operations in 2017. 

According to allegations, Harmon attracted users, pointing to the possibility of hiding fund transfers from the careful eye of the government. As part of his efforts, Harmon also used a Dark Web search engine called Grams.

Harmon naturally linked it to other illegal activities in the Dark Web. Helix allegedly washed out hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal proceeds from drug trafficking and other criminal profits for Darknet users around the world.

Fees include the fact that Harmon Helix's costume donated more than 350,000 Bitcoins - worth over $300 million at the time. This illegal entity also fueled money laundering activities for AlphaBay users.